Una May

Una May Olomolaiye is a talented vocalist, composer, choir and workshop leader. Having come from the Black church experience, Una May's main musical influence is Gospel, although she is also recognised as being one of a new generation of jazz vocalists. She has worked alongside some of Britain's top jazz musicians and has performed internationally with the female acappella group Black Voices.

Una May has travelled extensively in Africa, collecting and writing music which she has arranged and developed with many choirs across Britain. She also leads the Amika community choir in Leicester. Since taking over WorldSong in January 2008, Una May remains committed to maintaining the rich and varied world music repertoire of the choir. Una May can be contacted by email and has her own website at www.yamanu.co.uk.


Chris smiling

Chris Rowbury formed WorldSong in 1997. In January 2008, after 10 years at the helm, he handed the choir over to Una May Olomolaiye. Chris has his own website at www.chrisrowbury.com.

Chris currently leads another community choir in Stamford, Lincolnshire: Woven Chords, a semi-professional women's singing ensemble Vox Mondiale, and has recently embarked on a new more theatrical project called Foot and Mouth voice-theatre.

Chris has 25 years experience of teaching and running workshops in singing, voice and theatre. He has worked all over the world as a teacher, director and performer. Until 2001 he was Senior Lecturer in Theatre at Coventry University, and is now working freelance.

Chris conducting

Chris is a member of the Natural Voice Practitioners' Network, and is currently on their executive committee. He shares their ethos which states: "We believe that singing is everyone's birthright and we are committed to teaching styles that are accepting and inclusive of all, regardless of musical experience and ability". All Chris's singing work is based on these principles.

Flowers at the end of a concert

Chris regularly runs singing workshops on a variety of themes (e.g. gospel, ABBA, Eastern European songs) all open to the general public. He also arranges songs for choirs and writes his own material, all in three and four part harmony. Some sheet music is available to buy.