Red blur

WorldSong was founded and is run on principles shared by many practitioners of the Natural Voice. Basically, the choir is open to anyone in the belief that everyone can sing, regardless of background or experience. There is an old Zimbabwean saying: "If you can talk, then you can sing" which pretty much sums it up! The other basic principle is that everyone should have access to music, so we don't insist that people can read musical scores: everything is taught by ear in the time-honoured tradition of many orally-based cultures.


Although WorldSong is a community choir, we do perform to a very high standard. However, performance is an optional extra for choir members. When you join the choir, you basically sign up for a weekly session of fun singing. If members do decide to perform with the choir, then our Musical Director has a relaxed approach to performance which is different to many other choirs. Her philosophy is based on the idea that if someone is having fun and is relaxed, then they are far more likely to turn in a good performance and have a good singing voice.